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1.25 H Bullet
1.25 H BulletQuick View

1.25 Diameter Pig Bullet Profile

1.25 M Bullet
1.25 M BulletQuick View1.25 dia. medium density foam pig Bullet profile, $25.00
uncategorized 9-misc
1.60 CTPB Assembly
1.60 CTPB AssemblyQuick ViewCoil tubing Pig Brush Set. 1.6″ OD, $85.00
uncategorized 9-misc
1.7 CTPB Assembly
1.7 CTPB AssemblyQuick ViewCoil Tubing Pig Brush for 2.00 String ****Assembly Includes three bushes and cable.***, $85.00
uncategorized 9-misc
100-2 Roller Chain
100-2 Roller ChainQuick View100-2 roller chain. Cotter Key. Standard, $71.01
uncategorized chain
100-3 chain
100-3 chainQuick View100-3 Cotter Chain Diamond, $98.43
uncategorized chain
tubing guide arch
100" R GooseneckQuick View

Complete 100″ radius tubing guide arch. Precision manufacturing. Laser cut. stress relief. Multiple hydraulic options available, from tubing guide covers, to short fold flared ends. Dressed to customer specified pipe size.
Made to order.

, $40,000.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
2.1 CTPB Assembly
2.1 CTPB AssemblyQuick View2.375 CT Pig Brush Assembly – Outer diameter is 2.1 inches. 3 brushes per assembly., $85.00
uncategorized 9-misc
2.1D Hard Pigging Ball
2.1D Hard Pigging BallQuick View

medium and hard density molded spheres to pump through your coiled tubing pre and post job to remove fluids and light debris.

please specify size and density for your application

, uncategorized 9-misc
2.3 CTPB Assembly
2.3 CTPB AssemblyQuick ViewCoil Tubing Pig Brush for 2.625 String ***Assembly includes three brushes and cable***, $85.00
uncategorized 9-misc
2" Non-Extrusion ring
2" Non-Extrusion ringQuick View4.06 non-extrusion rings 2.00″ ID, $55.00
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
3.06 Snubbing Guide
3.06 Snubbing GuideQuick View

Snubbing guide for 3.06 Packoff

, $440.00
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
3080CLQuick View

Cotter Keys for Injector chain

Fits TOT 4.06 DSU 4/6
4.06 BRONZE (TOT)Quick View

4 Matched sets of Bronze guide bushings. Fit TOT 4.06
Over Under Pack off DSU4 DSU6

, $3,600.00
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
4.06 Lube Kit
4.06 Lube KitQuick ViewO-ring and Back up ring for 4.06 Nexus 10 K lubricator, $8.75
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
4.06 Stripper Rubber
4.06 Stripper RubberQuick ViewChoose your size before ordering!, $88.00
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
6100 Extension Kit
6100 Extension KitQuick ViewAssemble links to add to a 580/680 injector chain to make 6100., $8,000.00
uncategorized chain
680 Carrier (M)
680 Carrier (M)Quick ViewHR style carrier. Fits models 580/680/6100, $156.00
uncategorized chain
680 Carrier Loaded
680 Carrier LoadedQuick View, $375.00
uncategorized chain
680 Planetary Gear Box
680 Planetary Gear BoxQuick ViewFactory new/old stock Fits HR 680 model injector heads$25,000.00
Accumulator Test Kit
Accumulator Test KitQuick View

3000 PSI Accumulator Test Kit/Charge Kit

, $480.00
uncategorized hydraulics
Bearing Shaft
Bearing ShaftQuick ViewBearing shaft for injector chain HR 580/ 680/ 6100 Premier 140K Jereh 80K Hardened and …, $32.00
uncategorized chain
BICB-3XQuick View

Replaces  OEM  HR CB318979 Bearing roller.

Sealed double row cylindrical roller bearing


, $96.00
uncategorized chain
Use for HR models 580/680/6100 Jereh 80k/100k
Serva 80k
Chain Stretch GaugeQuick View

Please select Chain pitch size for appropriate gauge.

, $180.00
uncategorized chain
Coil Cord
Coil CordQuick View28-56 ft coil Cord for encoder on level wind, $490.00
uncategorized electrical
Coil Patches
Coil PatchesQuick View

Coil patch or Coil Snakes are used when the Coil tubing string parts or pin holes on surface. The heat treated slips grip OD of tubing and the O-rings seal behind it. This allows operator to pump through the coil patch (rated at 6,000psi) and spool pipe safely.

, $8,000.00$8,800.00
hydraulics 5-pressure-control
CT-HR580-KitQuick View

Chain kit for 580/680

**Chain Parts Only**

CT-HR6100-Kit-ZQuick ViewChain kit for HR 6100, $13,986.00
uncategorized chain
Data Cable
Data CableQuick View

6 pin plug x socket amphenol molded connections

Lengths specified.

Used for pressure readings, encoder readings, and mag pick ups.

, From: $118.66uncategorized electrical
data cable spooled on reel.
Must call out connections and length
Data SpoolQuick View200ft signal cable with spool. Plug x socket. Green Molded ends, $590.00
uncategorized electrical
Down hole flapper kit
Down Hole Tools:Door 01Quick View

Flapper doors on down hole check valve

Drives Chain Kit 680
Drives Chain Kit 680Quick ViewHR 580/680 chain kit, $8,800.00
uncategorized chain
Elastomer Pads
Elastomer PadsQuick ViewVarious elastomer pads for all types of HR style injector heads, $24.00$32.00
uncategorized chain
Encoder 01 (6 pin)
Encoder 01 (6 pin)Quick View

6 Pin optical encoder found on HR horse head counters

Encoder Cable 10-125'
Encoder Cable 10-125'Quick View

Various encoder cables in different lengths

, $150.00$302.24
uncategorized electrical
Pressure monitoring and encoder cables.
Encoder Cable 125Quick ViewEncoder Cable 150’L PxS molded ends, $302.24
uncategorized electrical
Encoder Cable 25
Encoder Cable 25Quick ViewEncoder cable 25’L PxS Molded ends, $158.80
uncategorized electrical
Encoder Cable 50
Encoder Cable 50Quick ViewEncoder Cable 50’L PxS Molded ends, $190.02
uncategorized electrical
ESP 680 Spring Clip
ESP 680 Spring ClipQuick View

Replaces HR P/N CB315389

, $8.50
uncategorized chain
Flared End Rollers
Flared End RollersQuick View

Please Specify Length and Material!

, $250.00$300.00 available on subscription
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Guide Horn Rollers
Rabbit ears
Guide Horn RollerQuick ViewTeflon Guide roller assembly for HR gooseneck.  Comes with Hardware. Rabbit ears., $195.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Hammer Union Pressure Transducer
Hammer Union Pressure TransducerQuick View

1502 Pressure Transducer

DRAFT ATEX and IECEx certified

HorseHead 01
HorseHead 01Quick View

Horse head mechanical tubing counter.  adjustable for multiple tubing sizes.   Parts are available

, $9,600.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Horse head and Counter head Parts
Horsehead Rebuild KitQuick ViewExtreme Shale Performance is pleased to offer a complete rebuild kit for the upper(counter) assembly …, $3,800.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Idler Bearing
Idler BearingQuick View

Tension sprocket Bearing for HR 580/680

, $1,132.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Injector Chain Assembly
Injector Chain AssemblyQuick View

Wide selection of various injector chain compatible with all injectors

, $22,500.00$58,500.00


Replaces  OEM  HR CB318979 Bearing roller.

Sealed double row cylindrical roller bearing


Bearing Shaft


Replaces  OEM  HR CB318979 Bearing roller.

Sealed double row cylindrical roller bearing


Bearing Shaft

uncategorized chain
Injector Chain Rebuilds
Injector Chain RebuildsQuick View


Send us your core and save 20-30% on a new chain build

Call for priceuncategorized
Jlock Seal kit
Jlock Seal kitQuick ViewO-Ring and Back up ring for 5 1/8 Jlock lubricator, $6.08
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
Kit 5 1/8
Kit 5 1/8Quick ViewO-ring and Back up ring for 5 1/8 Lubricator JLock, $13.50
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
KPM Hydraulic Motor
KPM Hydraulic MotorQuick ViewK3VL 80/B. SS-L1-TB199, $4,892.00
uncategorized hydraulics
Level Wind 3C
Level Wind 3CQuick View

3″ Brass Level Wind Follower, Fits HR Models

, $350.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Long Bullet Pig
Long Bullet PigQuick View2.1 Diameter x 4″ Long Bullet pig, Medium Density, $22.00uncategorized 9-misc
Mico Brakes
Mico BrakesQuick View

Hydraulic Brake for S&S M100

N70-443Quick ViewBowen 15K /5.12, $6.00
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
Non-Extrusion Rings
Non-Extrusion RingsQuick ViewNON Extrusion Ring.  Fits 4.06 Pack off | TOT | NEXUS  , From: $45.00uncategorized 5-pressure-control
P09H Parker PumpQuick View

Model: P09H-3R1D-C10-B0
CODE 1027947

, $18,682.78
uncategorized hydraulics
P11P Parker Pump
P11P Parker PumpQuick View

Model: P11P-3L1C-6C2-A00

Packing Set 20271
Packing Set 20271Quick View

Swivel Packing

HR Gen 1


, $405.50
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
Plug Adapter PT02A
Plug Adapter PT02AQuick View

The pin x pin is PT02A-10-6P

Plug Adapters
Plug AdaptersQuick ViewSocket by Socket is PTB-10-6PS, $56.00
uncategorized electrical
Profile Roller
Profile RollerQuick ViewIn Stock sizes 2″ to 2 5/8 Ready to ship.  Fitting HR style Goosenecks, $300.00$375.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
S&S Level Wind Pawl
S&S Level Wind PawlQuick View

1 1/4″ level wind paw for S&S reels

, $52.50
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
S&S Skate
S&S SkateQuick ViewA retro fit to the OEM skate design Drop in replacement, no modification needed Sealed …$24,000.00
Drive Sprocket Bearing for HR injector
SB22219W33 BearingQuick ViewDrive sprocket Bearing, $658.33
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Seal 43073CR
Seal 43073CRQuick View

Seals for drive bearings

Stemco Hubodometer
Stemco HubodometerQuick View

Injector Head Hubodometer

, , $200.00
uncategorized chain machinedgoods-pt
Stripper Rubbers 3.06
Stripper Rubbers 3.06Quick View, From: $55.00uncategorized 5-pressure-control
Swivel Packing Set 20297
Swivel Packing Set 20297Quick View

HR 2.00 Swivel 15K

, $506.80
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
Swivel Packing:Premier Swivel Seals
Swivel Packing:Premier Swivel SealsQuick View3 hytrel seals 2 larger 90 D viton O-rings 1 FKM Back Up Ring 1 …, $320.00
uncategorized 5-pressure-control





, $3,300.00
uncategorized hydraulics

CODE: 1028376
SERIAL 19828

, $2,510.00
uncategorized hydraulics
T6DCCM Vane PumpQuick View

Model: T6DCCM-B31-B20-B10-3R12

, $6,917.00
uncategorized hydraulics
Take Up Bearing 6100
Take Up Bearing 6100Quick ViewIdler sprocket bearings found on HR 6100, $1,800.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Pressure monitoring and encoder cables.
Trans Cable 200Quick ViewTransducer cable 200’L plug x socket, $380.00
uncategorized electrical
Transducer  Cable 125
Transducer Cable 125Quick View

6pin plug x socket data cable. molded ends. Amphenol 6 pin Mil spec connection

, $278.32
uncategorized electrical
Pressure monitoring and encoder cables.
Transducer Cable 150Quick ViewTransducer cable 150’L PxS Molded ends, $360.00
uncategorized electrical
Transducer Cable 25
Transducer Cable 25Quick ViewTransducer Cable 25′ PxS Molded Ends, $118.66
uncategorized electrical
Transducer Cable 50
Transducer Cable 50Quick ViewTransducer Cable 50’L PxS Molded ends, $175.00
uncategorized electrical
Tubing Guide Cover
Tubing Guide CoverQuick ViewFits HR Goosenecks This tubing guide cover comes with hinges and latches Customer specified paint …, $480.00
uncategorized machinedgoods-pt
Weight Gauge
Weight GaugeQuick View

String Weight Gauge for Cabin

Pipe Heavy Pipe Light

, Call for priceuncategorized electrical
XSP 5 1/8 Kit
XSP 5 1/8 KitQuick ViewO ring and Back Up ring for 5 1/8 Jlock Lubricator (bowen connection), $9.12
uncategorized 5-pressure-control
z pin
z pinQuick ViewZ-pin for fastening side plate on injector chain 580/680/6100 Diamond Chain- 200H, $2.00
uncategorized chain